Oorlogsvoering en technologie

Oorlogsvoering en technologische vooruitgang. Er bestaat een relatie tussen beide thema’s en deze relatie is volgens mij aan het veranderen. Eeuwenlang zo niet millennia lang heeft oorlogvoering technologische doorbraken uitgelokt. Denk aan de vestingwerken, de katapult, de kruisboog enz. De Eerste Wereldoorlog heeft tot de tank en het jachtvliegtuig geleid, […]

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Technological trends in agriculture

Technological innovations provide us with chances to increase supply, upscale en produce more cost effectively. Robotics could be a solution to the looming shortage of labour in the agricultural sector. In this blog I describe several important technological trends relevant to the agricultural sector. There are three (possible) technological ‘breakthroughs’ […]

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Visionaries of the future: Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov (1920-1992) was aware of the risks of technology, but always celebrated the possibilities of science. He reinvented the way we see robots: instead of a threat to humankind, Asimov pictured robots as a huge aid to humans. Many see him as the first roboticist, ahead of his time […]

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Visionaries of the future: Robert Heinlein

Many experts see Robert Heinlein (1907-1988) as the father of modern social science fiction. Not only did he think about the technology and science of his time, his stories are also strongly influenced by world politics. Heinlein started out as a military (navy) man in his early twenties. He held the military […]

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Visionaries of the future: Philip K Dick

  Philip K Dick (1928-1982) published 44 novels and over 120 short stories in a career span of 30 years. He lived as a poor author, but is now seen as an ambassador of science fiction literature and as the scifi writer who not only sparked his readers imagination, but also […]

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