Social Trends

Het populisme anno 2018

Populisme is al zo oud als de mensheid is georganiseerd. In feite wil populisme niets anders zeggen dan het electoraat of de achterban naar de mond praten, zeggen wat men horen wil om de massa organiseren. Populisme maakt hier in onze moderne natiestaat pas relatief laat zijn opmars. In de […]

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17 trends to inspire Dutch Government

When researching trends, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by publications. Every now and then, however, we are pleased to find a clear, well-written overview of relevant trends. The Dutch Interdepartmental trend-scan for 2025 is such an example. The first edition was published in 2011, the update in June 2013. Read more […]

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Visionaries of the future: Robert Heinlein

Many experts see Robert Heinlein (1907-1988) as the father of modern social science fiction. Not only did he think about the technology and science of his time, his stories are also strongly influenced by world politics. Heinlein started out as a military (navy) man in his early twenties. He held the military […]

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